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Dekor-Graphik Therapiepraxis Queiku-Wehrheim

Lightness and Therapy

When we experience situations or when we are under pressure, tension manifests in our body tissues when the necessary means for processing are not available.
This is often due to emotionally not tackled issues that lay far behind or experiences that were so much traumatic that we repressed all memory of it to protect ourselves.

The organisation of this protection results from processing an immense number of information with which the central nervous system is supplied from the periphery: The willingness of muscles to work – or not to work is changed as well as their possibility to relax; with this our energy demand is relocated which might come at the expense of our organ functions when our capacity is reached. Our sensitivity is also affected, the so called “blind spots”.

Due to the changing tension the tissue receives a direction and can show the way of solving those saved and unprocessed problems. For this we do not necessarily need to know what the issues are.


I put my hands on the places where you have troubles or where you think that it seems to be right.
If you have no ideas - I always have one where it might be appropriate. I perceive rhythms and directions the tissue strives to and I support them.
In this way the tissue receives a confirmation, strengthens the protection and therefore relaxes. At first, you will probably not notice those little movements but only the comfortable contact of my hands. A small step can introduce a change of directions of the state and entail further steps.
For this procedure you do not need to undress – except when it is combined with treatment techniques from classical massage or manual lymphatic drainage. I gladly work via the foot reflex zone or with grasps from the craniosacral therapy. It naturally depends on the diagnosis and how acute your troubles are whether these methods are suitable as a therapy, an associated therapeutical option or just wellbeing treatment.

Physicians are responsible to make a diagnosis.


Independent of the therapy method and the techniques I apply the price goes by the time I provide.
I can accept prescriptions from private patients.

25 minutes – EUR 25

I look forward to welcoming you!

Curriculum Vitae

  • apprenticeship as physiotherapist in Oldenburg 1986 (Loges-Schule-Nordsee)
  • “Brügger” Therapy in Murnau (Institute for Research and Education Dr. med. Alois Brügger)
  • Methods in Kinesiology, such as “Touch for Health”
  • complex manual decongestive therapy/ manual lymphatic drainage in Freiburg (Földi Schule)
  • foot reflexology by Nicole Bouchette (VPT)
  • Craniosacral Therapy / Craniomandibular Concept/ Pädia1/ Somato Emotional Relaxation (Upledger Institut Deutschland)

Therapy means encouragement by support. The aim is to find the cause of your troubles via the physical level.

Working method Since my treatment is predominantly run without words and since your body shows the optimal approach by itself (to my mind manipulation is counterproductive) I will not say a lot at this point. If you are interested in learning more about my work please read the text on the following pages.

About me I am married, 56 years old, I have two daughters and I live in Cologne-Porz.


To request an appointment please ring me on Mondays and Wednesdays between 9.00am and 10.00am. You can also send me a request via e-mail. I will follow any wish for a call back as soon as I can.

Eva-Maria Wehrheim
Gudrunstraße 8
51147 Köln

phone: 02203 – 64248
mail: info@koerperpsychologik.de

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